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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Tis The Night Before The Crafts Fair

'Tis before the last crafts fair, and all through the house, 
 Painted objects are everywhere, annoying my spouse. 
 Wood stockings are hanging all over the place, 
 Showing cuddly kittens, or a bright Santa face. 
 The sofa is covered with an army of gnomes 
 And other yard ornaments awaiting their homes. 
 And I in my apron, and hubby in shorts 
 Sit down to a leftover dinner of sorts. 
 When a shattering, clattering sound fills the halls, 
 Oh no, the cat knocked down the wet Christmas balls! 
 And what to my horrified eyes should appear 
 Is an unvarnished side of a painted reindeer. 
 I'll load up the trailer with decor and such
 'Cause if I don't sell plenty this time I'm in Dutch. 
 It's the very last crafts fair of this Christmas season.   
I'll do it all next year again for some reason, 
 But my thoughts, oh so cheerful, as I toil till daylight,
 "Happy Painting to all, and to all a good night!"

--Betsy Levels

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