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Sunday, June 18, 2023

painting tip

I won't bore you with a wordy post today.  Quick painter's tip:  those glass plates from the bottom of the microwave make GREAT re-usable pallets!  Easy to clean and can be found free or cheap all the time!
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Sunday, June 4, 2023

It was a dark and stormy day....

 Booked into a three day long arts and crafts fair,  I was keeping an eye on the forecast.  Friday was fine with slight chance of storms predicted for Saturday.  By 10 Saturday morning, chance of storms had gone up to 30 percent.  By noon, the forecast had completely changed and severe storms were expected by 6pm.  Fortunately, since I had been worried about the weather, I had taken my spare tent instead of my good one.  I managed to get all my art into my plastic storage boxes and under my table.  Then I tarped the table just to be safe.  As I was pulling out of the lot the storm was really upon us, and I noticed a couple of tents were already blown away.  Mine had gridwall walls attached to the frame plus a set of weights, so it was heavy enough to remain in place at least. I got a text off about the loose tents to the event organizer.

On the drive home, the wind lifted my trailer up in the air twice.  Pulling a trailer that is flying in the air like a kite's tail is an experience I would not care to repeat.  

The organizer called me at home to let me know my tent was in place but was completely collapsed.  Sunday morning I checked the forecast...again 30 percent chance of storms, so instead of setting back up I just loaded our.  My stuff had all stayed dry under the tarp, so no real harm done.  The few pieces I had left uncovered were yard art and could handle getting wet. The spare tent was one I had gotten for free.  Only the gridwall had kept it in place...almost all the upper pieces were mangled.  Into the dumpster it went.  Most other vendors suffered damages and some had already left.  We all figured it was a strong wind shear that just swept across the grounds, or maybe a small tornado.  25,000 locals lost power and a number of neighborhoods flooded, so I figure I got off pretty easy this time.

Now to start getting ready for the event coming up Wednesday...oh yeah, slight chance of storms that day.  Good grief!

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