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Tuesday, April 26, 2022


 Wow.  Christmas came and went.  And New Year's. And Mardi Gras. And Valentines and St. Patrick's  and Easter and probably a world of significant dates I've  never heard of.  I am not a "good" blogger.  I don't really see any point in posting pictures of my fast food or making duck lips for the camera every day.

I have had a few craft shows and been tending a large garden, and guess what?


Not "need coffee exhausted.. Not "need a nap" or "need a day off" exhausted. I mean 'pull-the-covers-up-and-do-not-open-till-Xmas". exhausted.

Part of it is undoubtedly due to age.  And having had not just one, but two go-rounds with Covid (with definite Long Covid issues) comes into play here.  But my last few outdoor events have involved high winds and early hot temperatures.  My tent was weighted down enough to not get airborne, thank heavens (several of my co-vendors were less fortunate. ) And with prices the way the are, I can well understand why people don't have spare money to spend like they used to.

So, what remedy?  At nearly 62, I won't be able to go schlepping tent and gridwall panels around too much longer.  I have already had to eliminate outdoor events during the hot months.  Here in the deep South, heat is not something for old people to play with!

So, here I go, off to the races with online selling.  I have taken every free online marketing class, webinar, or workshop I could find.  A few have contained useful information.  The rest sound like carnival barkers selling snake oil. For just a few thousand dollars they can teach me to send annoying spam out about my artwork!  Then THEY send ME a ton of annoying emails reminding me to buy their programs. Can you say "unsubscribe"?  Good grief, if I had that kind of money I wouldn't be worrying about selling my painting!

I have overhauled my website, and opened not one, but two Etsy shops, and come up with new offerings for all three.  I've been posting on social media even though it takes a lot of time up. And I remain active in two local art clubs and two online.  

I suppose some people would slow down, but I am keenly aware that I don't have that many more active years left to spend on my art.  Eventually time and nature will force slowing down on me. I want to use what time I have.

And anyway, a bad day at a crafts fair is still better than a good day doing housework!

I would really love to hear what my readers are doing when they hit energy crisis 2022.  How do you get the active vibe back? Feel free to post comments!

And since I have gone bull headedly through the setup processes, here are links to my online stores.  I would really love to sell some of my painting. Without sending out spam to half the known universe.

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