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Monday, September 6, 2021


The right frame can make a painting into a masterpiece.  My late mother taught me that.  I remember making twice yearly trips to a local frame shop for their clearance events.  We would fill her Dodge station wagon with discounted frames!  Framing days were an all-day event, as we would try her finished paintings out in various frames until each had the perfect frame to display each.  

Then we would store the rest of the frames.  She had a 12'x14' empty room that was just perfect for storing a huge number of frames. 

Unfortunately, I do not have such a room!

The old framing shop is no longer in business, but I have still managed to acquire a lot of frames for eventual use.  I haunt secondhand stores and garage sales.  I have even brought home stacks of frames I found on the curb.  I also have a good friend who owns a custom framing shop is where he sometimes has ready-made frames at very good prices. That shop, located in Shreveport, Louisiana, is King Framing on Youree Drive and he's on Facebook He does exquisite custom frames too!

I used to have a walk-in closet off the master bathroom.  Now, it is the frame storage.  And the fabric storage.  And the surfaces storage.  And on and on. It is necessary to unload the whole blasted closet to get to whichever object is necessary. 

I have managed to "organize" the frames so they are grouped by similar sizes.  But the one I want always seems to know I'm coming and hide at the back of the stack.  It's a case of either unload the closet or hang by my feet from the clothes rods and pick. 

I honestly thought I had every imaginable size of frames, but when I finished a series of 3" x 9" mini seascapes, I found out I had missed a size.  So I will be spending some time improvising with the wood I have on hand (fortunately not in that closet) to frame all these.

After I put everything back in the closet, of course.

Of course, I have a few pieces nicely framed and for sale hanging at The Corner Pantry in Bossier City as well as on my .

Y'all check 'em out!

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