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Monday, September 13, 2021

Only here for the Boos



My house looks like Halloween.  Not because of decorating, either.  I used to love decorating for every holiday on the calendar.  I have hundreds of holiday decorations, stored carefully in totes in the attic.  I don't think I will even have time to get them down this year .  Plus, there is no place to put them!

The dining table is covered with witch hats and spooky cats.  The top of the China cabinet boasts a boxful of spooky painted


pumpkins.  The mantel, formerly a focal point of seasonal decor, now holds canvases in various sizes and stages of completion. Varnished ornaments are hanging from all the chandeliers drying.

There's even a stack of totes full of  fall and Halloween finished items in the kitchen (unfortunately, it doesn't block the view of the dishes piled in the sink).

Spooky night PaintedPumpkins

And to top it all off, I have Thanksgiving and Christmas items started as well.  Soon they will be all over the place too.

The reason is simple.  Fall and Christmas craft fairs.  I have the last quarter of the year to make up for the limited number of sales in the previous three!  Fall and Christmas sales make up a staggering percentage of my year's income, and I have to take advantage.  I'm also including some new things...a series of Kwanzaa themed items and some Hanukah themed ones.  My husband says I am over extended. I like to call it "versatile".


In the meanwhile, please if you're in the Northwest Louisiana area, I will be at Sunday Art in the Park at Shreveport Common, The Minden Maker's Fair, the Emerging Artist Tent at the Red River Revel, the Bossier Maker's Fair, and group exhibits at Shreveport Regional Arts Council and Bossier Arts Council all before Thanksgiving.  Y'all come see me!

But for now, back to painting.  I love to create things.  Painting has proved to be a valuable outlet for those creative compulsions.  Without it I would feel hollow. Considering what I spend on materials, I won't say it's cheaper than therapy.  But it's a lot more satisfying. And it doesn't cause a hangover.  So for now, I'm 100% here for the boos!! Now would you please not sit on the couch...I need to set some ghosts to dry there!

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